Mandate of KVK

  1. Conducting On-farm Testing (OFT) for identifying technologies in terms of location-specific sustainable land use systems.
  2. Organize training to update the extension personnel with emerging advances in agricultural research on regular basis.
  3. Organize short and long-term vocational training courses in agricultural and allied vocations for the farmers and rural youths with emphasis on “Learning by doing” for higher production on farms and generating self employment.
  4. Organize frontline demonstrations on various crops to generate production data and feedback information.

Impact of KVK

  1. Summer ploughing & green manuring are also been popularized by KVK to improve soil health.
  2. Scented varieties of Paddy like Pussa Sungandh- 4,5,6 popularized by KVK for higher profit.
  3. Summer Bajra & Groundnut popularized by KVK for higher return.
  4. For vegetable production 30-25% farmers have been accomplished & impart is clearly shown is district.
  5. In case of seed treatment & replacement ratio 22-30% farmers have been fully aware & they are in regular practice.
  6. Kitchen garden were established in back yard of house by mahila groups.
  7. To reduce infertility in low buffalo & increase milk yield 15-18% farmers who were in connection of our KVK. They are using balance cattle feed, mineral mixture & common salt along with seasonal green fodder.
  8. There is a significant impart in our adopted villages 25-30% farm women using parad tikadi, camphor, neem leaves for safe grain storage. In this practice 15-20% loss minimization have been noticed in QRT period.
  9. Diversification through vegetables and horticultural crops.